Solomon L. Melamed, C.P.A., P.C.
Certified Public Accountant

The Accounting Firm of SOLOMON L. MELAMED, C.P.A., P.C. provides traditional accounting and financial services, along with management and tax compliance services, for individuals, small to medium-sized closely held businesses and corporations.

Our firm provides the client with the necessary tools to make informed business decisions for their current and long term goals. Interactive discussions with our clients are strongly encouraged.

The accounting firm of SOLOMON L. MELAMED, C.P.A., P.C. subscribes to the theory that a long term working relationship with a client is only possible when you:

  1. Give the best possible Up-front Advice
  2. Address the Difficult Questions
  3. Identify Total Costs
  4. Give Personal Attention
  5. Help with Planning Immediate and Long-term Goals
  6. Have Integrity
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