Certified Public Accountant

Our Staff

Our seasoned staff is made up of friendly, helpful and, most importantly, knowledgeable people. Their training and experience allows you to have questions answered with the utmost confidence that you have received the correct information required to help you solve your problem.

Kathy, our business administrator, holds an MBA from Marist College and has over 22 years of business and accounting experience. Her primary responsibilities with our firm are corporate returns, payroll and sales tax returns.

Helen has been part of our support staff for over 10 years and deals directly with individual income tax returns.

Monika has been our office manager for over 10 years and is responsible for the daily activities of the office and oversees the data entry of our client's information.

During Tax Season, we add additional staff to assist with scheduling, assembling of tax returns and coordinating with our clients when the tax returns are completed and ready to be picked up.

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